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 Rules of the forum {MUST READ}

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Rules of the forum {MUST READ} Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the forum {MUST READ}   Rules of the forum {MUST READ} EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 9:32 pm

Here are some simple rules that you MUST follow at all times. These rules are not suppost to keep us from having fun, they are to keep us safe.

1.Don't curse. We allow a few curse words(Dammit, Shit, Ass) but not any others. Also, don't say things like 'Your not straight/Lez'. If you are caught saying these things, then you will be banned for a small period of time.

2.Don't start a fight. Fighting leads to people leaving, so try not to purposly cause fights. If you do happen to start a fight, then remover yourself from the computer and let yourself calm down.

3.Be nice to others, reguardless of rank. Even if another member is being rude to you, that dosn't mean that you can be rude back to them.

4.Make posts at least 4 senteces per post.

5.Don't try and find loop holes in the rules.

6.Dubble accounting will result in one of the accounts being deleted, and the other one ban.

7.Try and keep things PG-13. Anything above convert to PM's.

8.Do not discriminate between religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, or nationality as is these lead to fighting.

9.No double postings please. Double posting makes the topics sloppy and clutterd.

10.Try and use the best grammer as possible. Good and bad examples are listed in the 'How to Roleplay' topic.

11.No spamming please as this annoy's other people.

12.Do not advertise in the chatbox. Feel free to advertise in the chat forum, though!

13.Please, if you make an account stay active! Don't just make an account to advertise your websites, try roleplaying. It's really fun!

Is there any other rules that you think should be added?
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Rules of the forum {MUST READ}
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