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 The Princess's Pesants

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Princess Anna

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PostSubject: The Princess's Pesants   The Princess's Pesants EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 5:03 pm

The Princess's Pesants Lea-Michele1

Amy Abby Amerson
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: July 10th 1998
Family: Remus Amerson (father)
Amanda Amerson (mother)
John Amerson (5 year old brother)
Brief History: Amy grew up in the water practicly. She loved the ocean and to swim and all that stuff. She was a competative swimmer that always won. When she was ten, she began to control water. She never knew how but she could. Amy also started controling wind and air. When she told her parents they freaked out. They called a doctor but unluckily, he was P.A.M. agent. So when she was almost captured, the P.A.M. agent told her what she was and why. And one night she heard someone mention Camp Everdeen. Even it's location. So she made a run for it and has been at camp for three years.
Personality: Amy is positive but queit. She keeps to herself a lot. But she likes to make new friends. She loves to read in her spare time as well as swim. She loves watch Glee as well. She is nice and caring but can still kick your butt.
Apperance: She has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Amy is reasonably tan and looks very atheletic. She weighs 100 pounds. And she is 5'8.
Powers: Water and moisture manipulation, air and wind manipulation, and advanced healing
Pets: A pet dolphin named Flipper that she keeps in the lake.
Weapons: Powers
Talents: Her powers, swimming, staing under water long, controling the wind so she can fly, and taking care of water and air animals.
Fatal flaw: Her past. She loved her family and didn't want to say goodbye.
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Person of awsomness

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The Princess's Pesants
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