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 How to Roleplay{MUST READ}

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How to Roleplay{MUST READ} Empty
PostSubject: How to Roleplay{MUST READ}   How to Roleplay{MUST READ} EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 9:46 pm

Roleplaying(or RP for short) is a fun, easy way to use your imagination. It's very easy to do, but here are some examples if you don't know how to roleplay.

Angel wrote:
I ran through the woods, I was trying to escape the P.A.M.. They were on my trail after a bully in my school sent the after me. I felt sweat pour down my face and my legs felt as if they were on fire after running for so long. I triped on a rock, and I know that I was done for.

Now, this is a good roleplay example. It has 4 sentences, and is very informative. Here's a bad example to a reply to this post.

Princess22 wrote:

I was walking through the woods on a beautiful day. The sun was shining through the trees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

This is bad because not only does it only have 2 sentences, it dosn't have anything to do with the previouse post. Try and keep the posts similer, and if your characters move to a diffrent location(Like Angel and Princess22's characters end up going to the Nurse, than you would create a new topic in the Nurse)

Now, here is another bad posting that also breaks the rules:

Fisher_Man_1 wrote:

I rly wanted 2 go fishing so i went down 2 the lake and then to the fishing shack.ther i bout some bait 4 my fishing pole so i could go fishing.i went down 2 the lake and sat down.after about 12minutes i felt a tug on my fishing line as i realed it in i realized that i caught a 50 pound bas.

Fisher_Man_1 wrote:
after i caught the fish i went bk over to the fish shack and gave them my fish.they gave me 50 dollars for the fish i left and went somewere else.

These posts break a lot of the rules. As is, the spelling is wrong in many levels and there is no grammer as well.
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How to Roleplay{MUST READ}
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