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 Turtle's Totally Turtley Characters

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PostSubject: Turtle's Totally Turtley Characters   Turtle's Totally Turtley Characters EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 5:53 pm

Name: Ryder Sluice
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: June 1st
Family: Jean – She is the very kind and loving mother of Ryder and his siblings. She was the glue that held the family together, but when P.A.M. came and took her away the family started to fall apart. Her current whereabouts are unknown
Francis – He is the very stern but caring father of Ryder and his siblings. Though he was harsh at most times and wasn’t quick to show his love, he cared very much for his family all the same. When P.A.M. abducted Jean, he struggled to keep the family together. He was captured while holding off P.A.M. so that his children could escape. Current whereabouts are unknown
Thomas – Ryder’s older brother and Connor’s twin, he was captured by P.A.M. while trying to hold them off so that the others siblings could escape. Current whereabouts are unknown
Connor – Ryder’s older brother and Thomas’ twin, he was also captured by P.A.M. (seeing a pattern xD) while trying to hold off them off so that Ryder and Mia could escape
Mia – Ryder’s younger sister and the youngest of the family. Current whereabouts are unknown
Brief History: “There are creatures that can live without earth, there are creatures that can live without air, but almost no (if any) creature can live without water. Water douses fires, erodes earth, and outweighs air. Water is undoubtedly one of the strongest elements and it is no surprise that some of the powerful nations were built alongside seas, lakes, and rivers. Take pride in your gift, it will take you far…” Those words formed the basis of Ryder’s pride and echo throughout his life. They were the words of his mother, and those words were amongst the last Ryder ever shared with her…but let us start from the beginning. Ryder grew up in a town located in Massachusetts. He was born as a healthy baby to Linda and Robert Sluice who, unlike their children, were just a regular couple. Ryder was the second youngest of the family, with the twins Thomas and Connor born ahead of him and Mia being the youngest. For the initial years of Ryder’s life, things were going well…
However when Ryder was around the age of five, things started to go terribly wrong. First, strange things were starting to happen around his family. The truth was that all his siblings had begun to develop their powers, though because of this it wasn’t long before Ryder’s family were viewed as outcasts. What is the worst part of living with mutant siblings? Ryder would tell you it was having no powers yourself. Not only did the kids view him as a freak despite having no powers, it was because he had no powers that he was referred to as a “useless freak”. As much as his parents tried to cheer him up and make him feel better, his peers’ bitter jeers always put him down. However, up until middle school no one tried to physically harm Ryder due to the threat of Ryder’s siblings hovering in their minds. It tends to be a trend, however, that the older a child gets the more audacious they get when it comes to trying stupid things. As such as soon as Ryder reached middle school a couple of bullies decided they “had enough” and weren’t scared of Ryder’s siblings. So on one fine afternoon they cornered him during recess, though everyone seemed to turn their attention away despite how noticeable it was. One bully reared his fist back and muttered something along the lines of “Take this you useless freak” before throwing his full force behind a punch aimed at Ryder’s face with nose-breaking force. Everyone listened to hear a “CRACK!” or “CRUNCH!” sound or a cry of pain. However, what was heard was completely unexpected, it was the sound of water splashing! Where Ryder’s head was there was now nothing, a sight which promptly freaked out the attacking bully so much that the bully “had an accident”. However, water rose up from Ryder’s neck and reformed his head. Although astonished by what happened himself, Ryder’s long dormant instincts kicked in and the next thing he knew he was standing on top of a pile of drenched bullies.
From there the rest is history: Ryder and his family became outcasts of society more than ever and, though they managed to live life as normal as possible for awhile, eventually they were brought to PAM’s attention and hunted them down. Ryder fled across the country until he found Camp Everdeen. However when he arrived there he did so alone and refuses to talk about what happened to the others
Personality: Ryder is a go-with-the-flow, play-it-by ear kind of person. He doesn’t like to think too far ahead, so he’ll usually plan for the short run. Ryder loves a challenge (especially a challenging challenge xD) and always aims to test out his abilities. Overall Ryder is competitive, always wanting to be the best. He is very defensive of himself and his friends and won’t hesitate to come to their aid, because deep down he wants to atone for not being able to come to their aid
Appearance: Although not particularly small, Ryder isn’t that tall either standing at 5’6”. He weighs about 140 lbs though this might be an inaccurate estimation as he hasn’t checked his weight in a while. He has short auburn hair that is smooth like water, and sea-green eyes that look quite out of place. He has Caucasian skin, with a sporadic coat of freckles on his arms, legs, and cheeks. Generally, he has an average (not too lean but not too buff) athletic build from his combat training
Powers: Water/Moisture Manipulation, Liquification, Foresight
Pets: N/A
Weapons: His Powers
Talents: Ryder’s only exceptional talent is his close-quarter combat abilities
Fatal flaw: Ryder is more of a strategist than a tactician, meaning he plans while fighting or “on the spot” as opposed to planning in advance. He also loves challenges and it will take a lot to make him back down from one
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
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It'!!!!!!! Theres no way that I'm gonna let you call this 'semi-decant' Turtle, its WAY better than mine!

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Turtle's Totally Turtley Characters
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