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 Coins application & shop!

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Coins application & shop! Empty
PostSubject: Coins application & shop!   Coins application & shop! EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 4:57 pm

Item buying:
Current Coins:
Item cost:

Simply copy and past in this topic, and an admin will do the transaction, and then PM you when it's been done!

Items you can buy:

Free Level 5 Power: 500 power points
Before you reach the number of posts requited to get a power, you can get it beforehand using this.

Rank title: 2,000 power points
Your rank title goes underneath your username, and it can be anything you want-like Captain awesome, Doctor Man, or anything.

VIP member: 3,500 power points
With this, you will be able to do more things that regular members cannot (like, when there’s a party, your characters can go in the VIP rooms)

Mystery box: 100 power points
Who knows what your going to get with this? Could be a cookie, or a funny picture, funny quote!

*Extra power to character: 4,000
Instead of 2 main powers, and 1 minor, you can add one extra (3 main and 2 minor).

*This is per character, meaning that you cannot add this to two characters.

There will be more items added as time passes! Have fun shopping!

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Coins application & shop!
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