Camp Everdeen
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Camp Everdeen

A camp for mutants
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 Breif Summery of Camp Everdeen.

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Breif Summery of Camp Everdeen. Empty
PostSubject: Breif Summery of Camp Everdeen.   Breif Summery of Camp Everdeen. EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 6:32 pm

Camp Everdeen was started by Ted and Jan, brother and sister. They were on the run from the P.A.M.(People Against Mutants). A group created by the government to prevent, and eliminate all mutants. After being captured, and escaping the P.A.M., Ted and Jan went to a forest in West Virgina(U.S.A.) and created this camp, Camp Everdeen. They now accept mutants all over the world here, but does it secretly as it is agenst the law to start, or even be a mutant in the USA is illigal.
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Breif Summery of Camp Everdeen.
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