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 Calle's Characters

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PostSubject: Calle's Characters   Calle's Characters EmptySat Dec 17, 2011 8:36 pm

Name: Sara Crocker
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: October 7, 1998
Family: James Crocker, Eric Crocker and Dianne Crocker (father, brother, and mother) Paul Crocker and Catherine Crocker (Uncle and cousin)
Brief History: Sara used to live with her family, misunderstood and alone. Her parents and her brother (Eric) were obbsessed with music, retro music to be exact, but she didn't have those musical talents or preferences. Her talents were more in dance and acting. She couldn't even sing. Her family was also all about smarts, and Sara did have those, however she had different opinions from her family, and always found her self shut out from family discussions. The only place she could be herself was at school with her friends, or with her cousin and uncle who understood her. There she was always smiling. She felt like she was loved, and that she belonged. As she grew older, her father began to abuse her. She came to school with bruises. Her teacher knew something was up, but didn't ask because she was always smiling and laughing when she was at school. He never asked. Her friends knew, and they told their parents. Her friends parents arranged for Sara to move in with her uncle and cousin, but that was when the P.A.M found her. She had to run from them, finding Camp Everdeen. She was happy to finally find a home, without her immediate family with her. She writes to her Uncle every week, and is always excited to recieve his letters.
Personality: Sara is very hyper, and always smiling now that she is at Camp Everdeen. She is a bouncy person, almost always bouncing off the walls. She is always friendly, and open to a conversation. She is a very clever girl, and she is always willing to help others. She doesn't pay attention much, so she usually misses something important.
Apperance: Sara has curly blonde hair, always down. She hates it up. Her eyes are blue, the colour of the ocean in Thailand. She has somewhat tanned skin, and no freckles. She is 5'1 and still growing. She is almost always seen with skinny jeans, a sweater and purple Converse hightops. Of course, she's wearing a shirt underneath the sweater, but you rarely see that.
Powers: Animal Morphing, Telepathy, and Invisibility.
Pets: Sara has a black cat named Otto.
Weapons: Sara carries around a dagger with her at all times.
Talents: Sara is very good at acting and dancing, and she is very good with her dagger. She can almost always make someone smile when they are having a bad day.
Fatal flaw: Sara has a short attention span. She will stop listening if she finds something remotely boring, and this may lead her to miss something important.
Other: None.
Year-Round or Summer: Year round
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PostSubject: Re: Calle's Characters   Calle's Characters EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 5:22 pm

Great character! Accepted!!!

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Calle's Characters
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