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 Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)

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PostSubject: Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)   Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting) EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 6:12 am

Name: Evie Skyler Starr
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 19 February
Family: None
Brief History: Evie was abandoned as a child so she grew up in an orphanage. This orphanage seriously disobeyed child treatment laws. The kids had one meal a day and were beaten if they did anything 'wrong'. Some of the older children managed to alert the authorities and the orphanage was closed when Evie was 10. Unfortunately one of the people who colsed the orphanage was an agent for P.A.M. He chased her relentlessly. He knew she was a mutant because Evie had picked up a habit of levitating when she was thinking and he caught her doing it. After about a week of being chased Evie lost him. She travelled from place to place for 2 years. It was pure chance when she discovered Camp Everdeen at the beginning if February.
Personality: Evie is generally a kind and quiet person.She is very hardworking and trustworthy. What is told to her as a secret stays a secret. Evie would do anything for her friends. She can get annoyed by small things though. Sometimes annoyance will just flare up inside of her. Evie can usually keep the majority of emotions from showing on her face when she wants. Normally she shows her emotions. Evie likes to be like an open book. That way people are less inclined to distrust her.
Apperance: Evie is very pretty. She has glossy black hair that falls to a few inches above her hips. It starts to ringlet just below her shoulders. They are only loose ringlets though. Her eyes are a beautiful purply blue. The irises are outlined by an almost black dark blue. Her eyelashes are fairly long and as black as night. She is quite tall and most of her height comes from her legs. Evie has a lightly tanned skin tone. Evie has no blemishes or freckles.
Powers: Intangibility and Flight. Her subpower is Advanced Healing
Pets: None
Weapons: None. Although Evie has long nails that can cause a considerable amount if pain.
Talents: Reading and all things physical.
Fatal flaw: Evie us way too stubborn.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)   Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting) EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 7:33 pm


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Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)
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